SmartCamp participants must abide by these terms and conditions

1. The 10 finalists will receive hotel accommodations for two founders for the duration of the LAUNCH Festival conference from IBM, but will be responsible for their own airfare to/from San Francisco and any other expenses.
2. You confirm that such participation and the receipt of the VIP tickets and hotel accommodation and/or other benefits from the event will not violate any applicable rules and regulations or the internal rules and regulations of your company.
3. If your startup wins a spot in the LAUNCH Incubator, neither IBM nor LAUNCH will be responsible for any costs incurred to participate.
4. SmartCamp is open to early stage companies only. Early stage means a company not more than 5 years old as of Aug 1 2016 with a maximum turnover of US $10,000,000 in the last 12 months. Companies invited to the interview stage or beyond must be able to produce a current tax clearance certificate.
5. IBM will remain the sole arbiter on guidance criteria.
6. The decisions on the companies selected will be solely that of IBM and the panel of industry experts.
7.  Your company is encouraged to evaluate IBM technology available to you.
8. Each company selected for the final stage will be allowed two representatives and the use of a demonstration, a presentation, or both.
9. Companies must declare if any of their employees are related to any person working for IBM Corporation or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates or in any way directly or indirectly involved in any part of the administration and execution of the event.
10. One company will be selected by the panel of industry experts. The decision of the industry experts will be final in this regard. Please note that some co-sponsors may provide opportunities or recognition of their own to some of the companies, subject to term 15 below.
11. The details of the mentorship from IBM are subject to change at the discretion of IBM. IBM may, at its own discretion, reimburse certain reasonable expenses incurred by the selected company relating to the mentorship.
12. A company has the right to withdraw from the competition in the event that one of the mentors or panelists is in a competitive position with the company.
13. Intellectual property: All information in whatever form provided by the companies pursuant to this program shall be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary by IBM. No company shall disclose its or a third party's confidential or proprietary information without IBM's prior written consent. For the avoidance of doubt, IBM shall have no liability to companies in relation to any and all aspects of this program including, but not limited to, its use or otherwise of the information provided by the company.
15. Data protection: The information you provide to IBM on your application form may be distributed to the co-sponsors, mentors, and partners of the program. Those recognized may be publicly announced and may be required to participate in promotional photographs. By applying for SmartCamp, applicants agree to publication by IBM of their names and likenesses in its promotional materials around SmartCamp. However, should you choose not to have your information used in this way, you should inform IBM in writing of your concerns, by sending an email to with the subject line of "Opt out of SmartCamp."
16. Co-sponsor recognition. Some SmartCamp co-sponsors may offer opportunities and recognition separate from IBM. Such recognition is at the discretion of those third parties and may come with terms and conditions. Delivery of such third party recognition is entirely the responsibility of the third party co-sponsor and as such is subject to separate agreement between that co-sponsor and the recipients of such third party recognition. For the avoidance of doubt, IBM shall have no liability whatsoever in relation to such third party recognition which might be granted in respect of same.
17. By participating in SmartCamp you agree to be bound by all the above terms and conditions and the laws of the locations where SmartCamp is held.
18. IBM and/or LAUNCH can terminate the contest at any time, in their sole discretion.
19. Additional terms for participants in France (87 KB)